Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

Right now, billions of people are using an AC unit across the globe. It’s used on all seven continents and not everyone is fully optimizing their units. This can make you system less reliable and can even cost you money. To help counteract this, here are six solutions that are able to improve the efficiency of your unit, improve home comfort and save you money.

Change Filters Often

With central air conditioning units, it’s vital to keep air flowing through the system. One of the best ways to do this is to change filters about every six months to a year. Air ducts need to be flowing freely, without the buildup of excess dirt and dust. While you can buy air filters at local home improvement stores and superstores, AC Masters provides filters for life upon Preventative Maintenance Agreement*. This will make sure that your system is always in check and always running efficiently.

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Raising Your Thermostat Temperature

Raising your thermostat to 74-76 when you leave your home for work or school will cut down on usage of your system, therefore lowering the cost. When on vacation, put your system at about 78 degrees. If you leave it around those temperatures, you will have more relative cooling in your entire house due to the system not constantly changing to suit your comfort level and saving money by not constantly demanding your system to change temperature. The summer is an especially telling time of this. People want to stay cool, so they put their thermostat at climates like 72 or lower, taxing the system outside to cool you down. But, by getting a smart thermostat like Trane Nexia or Nest, it will automatically change temperatures when it detects when your are not home to save you money. At AC Masters, we offer both of these and are a Nest Pro installer. Contact us if you would like to get an estimate of one of these thermostats.


Install A Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan in an area like your bedroom or living area is an inexpensive way to circulate air around the room when needed. While it will not directly add conditioned air to your room(s), it does help draw cooler air from the ceiling and moves warmer air along the ceiling down where you can notice it. You can find them at your local home improvement store.

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Move Your AC Unit Out Of The Sun And Into The Shade

You may or may not be able to do this unless you have professional experience, but if you can, move your unit out of the sun and into the shade. Your unit needs cold air to run into your house and by placing in out of the direct sun, you can keep it at a moderate temperature and have the system run more smoothly. If you would like to do this, look at other options first and then call a professional HVAC installer to get a quote.

Close Window Blinds During Summer Months

Many don’t realize how much air is lost during the summer due to the fact that the sun is coming into their house. Open doors and windows let cold air escape the house. Keep your blinds, curtains, windows, and doors closed during hot weather. This saves energy, keeps the cool air inside your home, and prevent further maintenance on your unit because the efficiency is being increased. Good insulation is another tip related to this.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Checks

With routine maintenance checks, professionals come up and check on your system, make sure it has good efficiency and with AC Masters, you get free filters for life upon Preventative Maintenance Agreement*. At $79 per visit, this is one of the most affordable options to keep your system efficient. Learn more about this offer by clicking here.

Keep in mind some of these options when thinking about your system and you are sure to save money and cut down on energy usage. It may take a while to get used to turning your thermostat down every time you leave and closing the blinds during the summer, but you may save yourself money by cutting down on your electric, heating, and air conditioning bill, making your unit run better, and creating a more comfortable environment for your home. For more options to make your home more efficient, contact us and we can provide you with many options that suit your needs. Call us at (904)-722-8995 or email us at

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