Nest vs. Carrier Cor: Which is Best For You?

There are many different systems that you can choose from and both have advantages and disadvantages. The Nest Thermostat and Smart Home ecosystem has a larger user base and has been on the market longer than Cor and others. The Cor has the backing of Carrier, one of the leading HVAC experts for over a century. AC Masters carries both products and to help you decide, here’s a comparison of the two systems.


What makes a Nest a Nest? Well, the Nest Smart Thermostat features a sleek design that blends into any home. It also has intelligent capabilities like detecting when nobody is home and automatically adjusting the temperature to save you money. You can control it from anywhere with an Internet connection through the free iOS or Android app or You can even control the temperature from any of the Google Home products by just saying “Ok Google, set the thermostat to 72 degrees.” Along with voice control, it also has numerous other products that can work together with the Nest ecosystem like cameras and smoke detectors from Nest and light bulbs from Phillips and smart locks from Yale. And by learning your schedule and adjusting the thermostat accordingly, it saves the average user between $131 and $145 annually (source). The Nest Thermostat offers great design, a well connected interface with smart features, and pays for itself in less than two years, or no time if you buy a new system from AC Masters which comes with a new Nest or Cor thermostat.


Now that Nest is out of the way, Carrier’s Cor system has similar capabilities to Nest. It learns your schedule and sets the thermostat accordingly. It also give you helpful tips and ideas like setting to specific temperatures and modes to save even more money on your power bill. It even has Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit support. The app provided, however, is basic and not as comprehensive as competitors. The Cor thermostat does have a built in weather app with temperature and forecast when heading out. Also, if you have specific Carrier equipment, the Cor has advanced humidity controls that improve you system’s performance. With the backing of Carrier and its expertise in HVAC, the Cor is a good choice for a smart thermostat.

The Verdict?

Both of these thermostats are good choices for your home. If you use Apple products and want specific statistics from your thermostat, look into the Cor with its HomeKit compatibility (Nest does not have HomeKit compatibility.) But if you want a well designed thermostat with an easy to use app, wide ecosystem of products that work in tandem with Nest and Google Assistant compatibility, look into the Nest thermostat. If you are still having trouble deciding, call AC Masters at (904)-722-8995 for a consultation.

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