Nest Smart Home

Nest provides many products for your home including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart doorbell, connected door locks, and an alarm system.

The Nest Protect is a smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector that has a 70 decibelnest protect alarm with alerts to your phone, knows which room the emergency is in, has Hush feature if you only burned the popcorn, and Split-Spectrum technology that looks for fast and slow burning fires. It also integrates a carbon monoxide detector to notify you of the deadly gas you can’t see. Plus, no annoying chirps when the battery is low. It checks itself over 400 times a day to make sure everything is OK internally. It’s the smartest, safest detector on the market.

Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is the doorbell that you’ve been waiting for. When it’s a person or a package, it stays connected 24/7 so you can check in anytime. With HD video, 160° field of view, Night Vision, and HDR for a sharper picture, it provides a clear picture of your front door. You can communicate with visitors through two-way talk and the Hello can send notifications if it recognizes a familiar face. And you can control it all through the Nest app.




nest lockThe Nest X Yale Lock is a tamper-proof, key-free lock that you can control from the palm of your hand in the Nest app. You can let anyone in remotely or set up unique passcodes. It can also auto-lock once your leave the home or lock it with one touch of the face. In conjunction with the Nest Hello and the Nest Secure alarm system, it can create the perfect security system for your home.
nest-secure.jpgThe Nest Secure is an all new security system that’s designed to fit into your live and keep the intruders out. The Nest Guard is the hub of the system that acts as the 85 decibel alarm, keypad, motion sensor, and the brains. The Nest Detect acts as the door/window sensor, motion detector, and Pathlight to light the way in pitch black darkness. The Nest Tag automatically disarms the system when you pace it on the Guard, no need to remember that long code in 30 seconds or the police are called.

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